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The Ohio State University Airport - Line Service Supervisor Resume Example

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Michael V. Drake, MD

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Resume Writing and Cover Letters. A resume is an opportunity to express yourself in a documented format. It should include a summary of your personal, educational, and experiential qualifications. Together with a cover letter, the main purposes are to introduce yourself to a prospective employer and explain how your qualifications can assist them.

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Resume builders. To build a stand-out resume, get a mix of academic experiences. At Ohio State, this is where things get interesting.

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In your resume and cover letter, provide an honest and accurate record of your accomplishments and qualifications. The content of a resume and cover letter must be supported by facts and defended during the interviewing process. Resumes. A resume is a personal statement of your qualifications to potential employers and focuses on your career target. As the school year begins, it is a perfect time to get your professional portfolio started and make goals for the rest of the year. The Career and Leadership Development Center at Ohio University is the perfect place to get started, and their blog, The Blank Space, has lots of inspiration to find your path. .

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Fellow of the National Center of the Middle Market, Fisher College of Business, Pace Setters (Bostic-Georges) Service Award, Fisher College of Business, Yuji Ijiri Distinguished Lecturer, Carnegie Mellon University, (July ). The Writing Center offers free help with writing at any stage of the writing process for any member of the university community. During our sessions, consultants can work with you on anything from research papers to lab reports, from dissertations to résumés, from proposals to application materials.