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He compares humans beings with other animals in every significant of physical attributes. He claims what distinguishes individuals in the fact that they were programmed even before they were born to learn their family language and culture. He considers animals to have certain capacities, but people are the only species to have created new evolution form of language and culture Kazantzakis and Makridis Nietzsche, in beyond good and evil accuses philosophers of past in lacking critical sense and accepting blindly premises of Christianity in their moral consideration.

His work moves around beyond good ad evil in leaving behind the traditional morality. He criticizes 'unegoistic morality' and demands all the immoralities to first bow before the rank order.

On morality genealogy, Nietzsche claims that herd-animal morality today is in Europe which emanates from resentment of slave for the masters which leads into genealogy discussions. He presents the origin of morality as the master-morality. Nietzsche considers slave-morality as an outcome of master-morality reaction. He associates slave- morality with Christians and Jewish cultures. The value arose between good and bad, or between life- affirmation and life denial, wealth, strength, health, power and other traits that count like legitimate.

The bad on the other side is associated with sickness, poor, pathetic and other slavery in ancient times Kazantzakis and Makridis The consequences of actions were judged in the femoral period of mankind. However, morality intentions according to Nietzsche is something provisional and prejudice that must be overcome. He campaigned against morality and established moral systems based on a dichotomy of good and evil Kazantzakis and Makridis Nietzsche was a philosopher who ironically rejected the religion and came up with a phrase 'God is dead' and descended from a respected clergyman line.

Nietzsche's philosophy calls for the completion of moral reevaluations and attacks the Judaism and Christianity traditions in the modern society. He professed that the morality laws of man were more advanced, as democracy support and equal rights. He talked on moral creation and their impact on society and individuals.

Unlike Marx, Nietzsche believes that slave morality was one that included humility, obedience, and submission, and was destructive choice and Christian attribute. The powers of man need to attain the master morality which is full of pride and arrogance. He proved that master morality was the only true way to success in life, and it was to come through any coast Schopenhauer On the moral genealogy, Nietzsche shows a tremendous impact on culture of Germans from the twenties century up to present century.

The views of Nietzsche were so popular unlike that of Marx because Nietzsche had conventional beliefs and practices during his time and nearly all of his published work are controversial. Especially on moral genealogy, which is absolute, extremely and dangerous if one misinterprets or takes them into context. The philosophical works of Nietzsche lack complete authority when he suggested that no God, no order nor rules but only the persons and their short lives.

In moving beyond good and evil, Nietzsche, unlike Marx, demands something better believed in the ability of human once more. His weariness is based almost entirely in the resentment culminating. Nietzsche's dissolution of morality concept and the prevailing priestly morality are the culmination of resentment. He wants to move beyond simple, good and evil concepts and abandon the individual assessments through resentments, and restore human beings to their former tremendous ability. But when you see a natural smile it does feel good and comforting.

Even the posture of a person would tell you a lot. You should notice the shoulders of a sports person; they are always held up, stating that he is a proud person and up for the challenge.

But, a person who has lost at a game or made a loss in a venture, his shoulders would be drooping signifying that this person is sad and would need some motivational talk from his dear ones. This would even be true for a person who is heart broken in love. The state of mind shows clearly in your expressions and even in the way you walk and stand. Knowing to interpret deeper meaning of lesser-known actions would be extremely beneficial for everyone.

It offers a better understanding of human nature and all that we really are. Get your paper written overnight with acemypaper. Essentially, in this aspect Hobbes asserts that human decisions in this environment are guided only by our strongest desires at that given time and place. The idea being introduced here is pivotal. It is the notion of self-preservation; that in a state of nature in which there is no rule of law, and each man answers only to himself, people will do an are fully entitled to do anything they deem necessary to further their own existence.

This animalistic view of human interaction yields Hobbes to conclude that each person or grouping, such as a family lives independently from every other person or group, and acts in their own self-interest without regard for others. Hobbes later identifies three main causes of conflict in the state of nature which prevent man from entering into peace with one another. The first is competition, which makes people invade for their personal gain.

The second is diffidence distrust which makes people invade out of fear; a mutual sense of insecurity forces one to anticipate an attack from someone they cannot trust who likewise feels the same way , so pre-emptive measures are taken.

This makes sense because one renders it better to be a surprisor, and not a surprisee, since being surprised meant an almost certain death. The last cause of conflict is glory, which makes people invade others for their own merit. However, assuming that all humans are rational individuals, Hobbes believes that mankind would naturally want to escape this hellish state of existence and live under agreements that ensure the rational causes of quarrel could be avoided albeit the third cause of quarrel, glory, is noted as an irrational cause of conflict.

By establishing a commonwealth, contends Hobbes, we essentially remove the structural causes of conflict and foster the conditions for humankind to prosper under its own benevolence through mutually beneficial agreements. Although Hobbes had indicated that the state of nature is horrific, he acknowledges the counter-argument that people might not want to leave it because they would have to surrender certain rights granted to them solely while in the state of nature. What he is saying is that rational individuals would understand that life under a common authority would allow for better means of self-preservation, because it creates an entity that can punish people who do not play by the game fairly.

Also, people would be unable to rely on their individual autonomous powers in the effort to secure livelihood and happiness. Hobbes calls the necessary central authority the Sovereign the institutional embodiment of an orderly government , and those over whom it presides are the Subjects. He believed that a sovereign power was required to keep men united, who would work to maintain the peace among the people as well as protect them from foreign enemies.

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Human Nature in Minority Report - Human nature is the characteristics, feelings and behavioral traits of humankind. Humans are capable of expressing different kinds of emotions such as joy, frustration, despair, remorse, and other forms of emotions depending on the situations they are encountering.

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Theories of human nature provides a philosophical analysis into human nature through the investigation of issues, including the mind and body, perceptions and conception, freedom and determinism, death and immortality, the relation of the human to nature and the divine, and reason and emotion (Professor Galgan, Course Syllabus).

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Human Nature essays There is no perfect person in the world, but the celestial and most sacred person has their faults. But my belief is that everyone was born free of sin, because of course, when you. Marxist Human Nature and Society Essay. For Karl Marx human nature is a reflection of the society that they are a part of. It’s a product of the influencing relationships between a human’s consciousness (their psychology), the material world, and society.

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Human nature is that quality that sets us apart from other living things; it is the definition of what we are. The concept of human nature in international relations . The main purpose of the paper is to prove that the essence of human nature lays primarily in person's ability to reason; capacity that is uniquely human and allows people to make decisions that would shape their norms of conduct as shown in the works of ancient and modern philosophers.