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Click on the following link to order your Coursework now! Live Chat Any Query or Concern. Discount Blog Order Now. Enter Your Topic and Proceed It. I find that I need to improve in the areas that I highlighted because I constantly find that towards the end of every basketball game I lack in muscular endurance this affects the quality of my game.

I also need to improve my agility because I constantly see that when I am on a fast break and the opponent catches up to me I am not agile enough to avoid him and put the ball in the hoop. In basketball there are a lot of different features that a player must have to keep his overall rate of performance constant throughout the game.

I need muscular strength when my team is doing man to man defence and I have to keep my opponent out of the key. I find that towards the end of the game my quadriceps, especially are tired because I am constantly running up and down the court, going on fast breaks, and jumping up to get rebounds. This requires a degree of muscular endurance. I need agility and flexibility during the game when I am going up for lay-ups and one on one plays.

Training In my six week training program I will be focusing on Agility, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance and flexibility, because these are the areas which I feel that I have to improve on to become a better basketball player. Frequency- Frequency is the number of times I will repeat a certain exercise, I will be focusing on increasing the number of repetitions on a daily basis, and this will ensure I will be making improvements as the level of difficulty for that specific weight will be decreasing as I progress.

Intensity- Intensity is the level of difficulty I set my exercise program and how hard I will work each time, in order to improve I will need to increase the exercise intensity over the exercise program schedule.

I will use intensity in my PEP by increasing the weights that I am using in my training session each week, this will make it more difficult each time and as a result I have increased the intensity. I will increase the duration of my aerobic exercise. Type- Type is the variation of exercise you will be performing, it must relate to the section of the sport you are doing and is very effective in improving that specific area.

Specificity- This is the focusing on specific areas of the body that needed to be improved upon, e. Progression- Progression is the improvement of your abilities over a period of time and increasing the level of difficulty of your exercise by a number of different ways over a prolonged period of time. Progression will be a key factor in my Physical exercise program as in each week I will be attempting to increase repetitions of my exercises that relate to power and agility.

Overload- This is the increasing in physical demand of the exercise session you are doing, not necessarily an increase in duration or repetition of the exercise but more of an increase in stress of the exercise upon your body. Very similar to intensity, e.

The increasing in weights of bicep curls and lateral raises in my Training sessions. Reversibility- Reversibility is the losing of the body benefits you have gained from exercising if you stop exercising for any given time due to any given reason e.

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