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The purposes for this are to ensure that certain standards and guidelines are adhered to and to protect the university from giving too much power to an individual professor. The committee, therefore, provides a checks and balances service to the university.

Of course, some committees do not get directly involved in the dissertation process. Others are too involved, pulling the student in multiple directions simultaneously. This is why choosing a dissertation chair who is a good advocate is essential. Those committee members who get actively involved in the dissertation process can be a source of support, preventing the dissertation chair from shouldering the entire responsibility. Getting advice from multiple sources is invaluable to the student, provided committee members do not place conflicting demands on the student.

In some cases, the student must find a way to simultaneously satisfy multiple bosses even when requirements are not congruent. The result can be frustration, unnecessarily extended programs, or even failure to finish a program altogether.

An individual does not conduct science and research; they are the result of multiple researchers contributing to a body of knowledge. With multiple expertise from which to draw, the doctoral student is more likely to find the help that is needed when it is needed.

Mentioned above, the committee plays an important if not more important role for the university, in addition to the student. It is no secret that some professors are only interested in carving out their own territory within a university or department. With multiple eyes watching what is going on, the university is less likely to suffer from the effects of a selfish chair. Committee members create accountability by having a say in what paths the student should take and what direction the student needs to follow to increase the chances of graduation.

The dissertation stage is the one where most students fail to complete the program. The capacity of the user to correctly administer the testing instruments and to correctly interpret the data and scale scores is equally important for the quality of the finding.

Thus, Insight Assessment reserves the right not to honor purchase or use requests. We do not sell or supply tests to graduate students for purposes of classroom psychometric or educational analysis, evaluation, or critique. Information about scale structures and item responses is absolutely never provided. This restriction applies whether all or part of the instrument appears in the body of the dissertation or in the appendices of the dissertation.

Library requests for exceptions to this policy must include the following language: Two online previews of the test instrument and a PDF copy of the Test Manual are included with the purchase of an instrument preview pack. You can make arrangements for authorized members of a review committee or IRB panel to use one of these previews to view the test in its entirety through our encrypted on-line e-testing system.

If the IRB requires additional online previews, they can be purchased at the current research discount price. You will be charged for the number of views of the instrument which are used.

Doctoral students should also tell these committees that they must approve the instrument in its totality, as there is no possibility of editing or deleting individual questions or test items.

When filing your dissertation: To include one of our testing instruments or any of the items it contains in a copy of a dissertation which is then distributed to a third party is both a violation of copyright and a violation of the contractual agreement for protection of the instrument that is assumed by the user at purchase. Discussing the instrument in your dissertation: You may include verbatim excerpts from the test manual, properly cited.

You may also use one or more of the example items posted on our website to help your dissertation readers understand the nature of the instrument. Publishing research papers from your studies that use one of our testing instruments: No actual test questions or test items from the instrument may be included within your publication.

To include questions or items in a publication is both a violation of copyright and a violation of the contractual agreement for protection of the instrument that is assumed by the user at purchase.

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Doctoral Dissertation Research Pricing. Dissertation Advisors / Committee Review or Institutional Review Board Committee Review: When they are made available for purchase to doctoral students and independent scholars, the policy stated above is a condition of sale. Tags: Accountability, Chair, Checks and Balances, Dissertation Committee, Expertise, Role, Support For some doctoral students, the dissertation process is more a lesson in frustration than a learning instrument that helps transform the individual from a student to an independent scholar.