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What are Indeterminate Tomatoes?

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Skip to main content. Home Guides Garden Grow Vegetables. Home Guides Garden Grow Vegetables Indeterminate tomatoes include many types, all with nonstop growth throughout the season. Early Producers Like all tomato plants, indeterminate varieties grow as vines. Beefsteak Types Some indeterminate varieties are noted for their extra-large tomatoes, commonly called beefsteak tomatoes and excellent for slicing. Tiny Fruits Certain indeterminate tomato plants produce especially small fruits that are valued for salads and other fresh uses.

Unusual Varieties A number of indeterminate tomato varieties have fruit that is odd in color or form. References 3 Iowa State University: Tomatoes University of Illinois Extension: About the Author Joanne Marie began writing professionally in Accessed 14 September Indeterminate Tomato Plant List.

Home Guides SF Gate. Remodeling Guides Epoxy vs. Cement Grout — What's the Difference? Grout is grout, right? Cement and epoxy versions have different appearances, durability and rules of installation.

With over twenty years of experience, Philippe Harvey believes that each project should embrace the style and To prune or not to prune. How do I get rid of pests? Why are the blooms on my tomato plant dying and falling off? Are there different types of tomato leaves? What is blossom-end rot? Cutting away too much of the plant can cause shock. Warning Tomato leaves are poisonous if ingested. They also cause itchy irritations when they come in contact with bare skin.

Wear long sleeves and gloves when pruning tomato plants. References 3 Fine Gardening Magazine: Pruning Tomatoes Harvest to Table: How to Prune a Tomato Grow Organic: Pruning Tomatoes -- When, Why and How.

Resources 1 Fine Gardening Magazine: How to Prune Tomato Plants. About the Author Jackie Carroll has been a freelance writer since Photo Credits Digital Vision. Accessed 13 September

What are Determinate Tomatoes?

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Indeterminate tomatoes, on the other hand, will continue and grow and produce fruit throughout the growing season. Given a long enough season, indeterminate tomatoes can grow to .

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Indeterminate tomato varieties will form flowers along the sides of the shoots but they continue to grow until weather conditions are no longer favorable. This is the main difference between determinate and indeterminate tomatoes.

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Indeterminate varieties of tomatoes are also called "vining" tomatoes. They will grow and produce fruit until killed by frost and can reach heights of up to 10 feet although 6 feet is considered the norm. Home / Vegetables / Tomatoes / Indeterminate Indeterminate Plants go from spring until frost, producing fruit on long vines that can easily grow 6 feet or taller.

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Indeterminate tomatoes will grow and produce fruit until killed by frost. They can reach heights of up to 12 feet although 6 feet is normal. Indeterminates will bloom, set new fruit and ripen fruit all at the same time throughout the season. Indeterminate tomato vines bear all season and tend to need staking, while determinate types produce tomatoes all at once and grow much more compactly. Most gardeners grow indeterminate tomatoes for fresh eating, and smaller, meatier determinates for canning and sauce-making.