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How Do You Test a Golf Ball? Meet the Titleist Player Research Team

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❶This means the USGA would have to tighten current requirements for carry and roll and for velocity in its ball-testing procedure. Play on each hole is begun at the tee area, from which players drive the ball into the fairway.

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Senior Vice President of Titleist Golf Ball R&D Bill Morgan and Director of Product Implementation Matt Hogge give us a behind-the-scenes look at the process and people behind the development of the new Pro V1 and Pro V1 x golf balls.

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Today, the golf ball market is worth around $ million in annual sales, with over million golf balls being manufactured and shipped every year. Currently, balls are made in two or three parts. A two-piece ball is made of rubber and plastic, and is mostly used by the casual golfer.

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All properly struck golf shots are hit with backspin, making the golf ball fly just as the wings provide lift to an airplane. Research. Equipment conformance testing isn't all that goes on at the USGA Research and Test Center. The Technical Staff constantly monitors the game and how equipment advances are affecting its evolution. Golf Ball Technique Posted on February 20, We call this technique the million dollar self help technique because it so valuable in helping a number of conditions like .

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Ball testing: Start with shots around the green, and work back until you can't see differences. Ball testing: Start with shots around the green, and work back until you can't see differences. Playing the right golf ball is just as important as--and possibly even more than--being fit for any club in your bag. What is the Longest Golf Ball? Often golf ball manufacturers advertise that they make the longest ball. Some might even provide testing results that compare their ball's distance to their competitors'. They cite statistics that "prove" their ball is the longest.