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How to Write an Accountant CV

Jump-start your job search with a new resume

❶Preparing financial statements and accounts, professional trained for back office.

What Should You Include on an Accountant CV?

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Accountancy is a profession that is continually diversifying, as the economic world becomes increasingly complex. You therefore need a professional CV that shows an employer how you can add value. Accountants can work in private practice, providing services to fee-paying clients or they can work directly within an organisation. When you are writing your Accountant's CV you need to tailor your CV depending on what type of accountant jobs you are aiming for next.

For example a small private practice may just prepare the accounts for freelancers and small businesses. Whilst, larger private accountancy firms might deal with far larger commercial organisations and businesses, extending their services into areas of consultancy on improving the business's finances, advising on mergers and acquisitions, as well as financial processes. Individual accountants who have been working with small businesses might wish to apply for positions with the bigger accountancy firms.

If you are in this situation, your Accountant's CV must communicate a broad range of knowledge, as well as the individual attributes required to work with different clients and undertake analysis of their financial situations. It must highlight considerable knowledge of corporate finance and the accounting function and its processes. If you prefer, why not let us do all the hard work for you by using our CV service.

Take a look at what we have to offer and discover how we can help you to obtain that exceptional Accountant's CV. The accountant who works in the smaller consultancy or as an individual in private practice provides a range of services. Their primary tasks can include some or all of the following:. The accountant working in a larger consultancy might also want to include the following on their CV:. A CV for an accountant needs to demonstrate the core accountancy skills coupled with sufficient knowledge of business administration to work closely with private business clients.

You need to demonstrate and provide evidence of some or all of the following on your CV:. When reviewing Accountants' CVs, an employer is interested in making an appointment that stands the best chance of succeeding.

Put another way, that means avoiding an appointment where risk is involved. The employer's concerns are:. You need to address all of these questions in your Accountant's CV.

They must be supported with evidence of your performance to date, ensuring that the employer believes that your work will help to consolidate the organisation as it moves forward. This means that you have to sell yourself by addressing the employer's concerns in every line of your accounting CV, while providing more information to show that you are not only a suitable candidate for the position, you are the best candidate, and that you should definitely be invited to interview.

To do this, you need to target your CV to each employer you apply to. This means doing your research and understanding their organisational objectives before applying, so that your Accountant CV is an informed and focused document. You only have 30 seconds within which to impress an employer before they add your CV to the shortlist or reject pile.

Sited at the top of your Accountant CV, the Profile is your ideal opportunity to do this, by presenting a high impact 'snapshot' of your application that motivates the employer to read on.

In your Profile, you can highlight your greatest strengths and attributes, plus areas of experience. By ensuring that these are always entirely relevant to the vacancy, you can encourage the employer to read on and, hopefully, decide to interview you. In your accounting CV, the strengths that are required are typical of many positions: What the employer would like to know is how you fit into their organisation above and beyond these areas.

So, how many years of accounting experience do you have and with which accounting qualification - ACA, ACCA, CIMA , which kind of organisations have you experience of, and how similar was your previous accounting experience to the vacancy in terms of the organisation's activities, size, turnover, departmental scale?

In addition to these experience areas, you can further sell yourself by highlighting three or four key accounting strengths, whether skills areas or personal attributes.

What do you bring to your work? The wisest approach is to focus on those areas that are uppermost in the employer's information about the vacancy. Be prepared to rewrite your Profile so that it aligns with the priorities of every employer you send your CV to.

Hopefully, you have now captured the employer's attention with your accounting Profile. Customers who are in a hurry can order for same day rush service. Unsatisfied clients are entitled to multiple revisions. The writers craft accounting resumes that balance accomplishments, professionalism and personal brand. Resume Solutions has enough experts in writing achievement oriented strategic resumes for accounting and other finance fields. Customers get an opportunity to work with specialist resume writers.

They help clients to stand out from competition by creating keyword rich and customized resumes that highlight core strengths. It offers the best resume writing services to accountants who invest in professional resumes to jump start their job search so as to send them on the way to landing their target job.

Its professional resume writers craft personalized accounting resumes showcasing experience and competency in the field using right terminology. They engage the clients in one-on-one consultation to know their qualifications and career goals. It has an extensive resume design gallery for clients to choose their favorite after completion of resume drafts.

We will write a CV which will market you as a valuable professional in your sphere. Executive level writing concerns senior management positions and often requires additional research. Our writers will conduct the research aimed at writing the highest quality document we can produce.

The specialty of executive document writing is its particular focus on achievements. A C-level professional should be ready to demonstrate their impact and achievements. Our writers will delve into your industry, decide on which achievements, and will word your achievements and impact in the concise and persuasive way. We are always looking for creative and professional writers with expertise in different industries to provide high-quality quality services to our clients.

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