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Term Limits for Congress Pros and Cons List


❶Take away the intense attention to money by lengthening HoR terms to 4 years, Prez to 6 years, senators to 8.

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They say that regular transitions in Congress or Senate can cause these projects to be accomplished longer since it will be handled by new legislators who might not have the experience or the passion for the said projects they will inherit in case they get elected. Term limits for Congress are amenable to some while others doubt that it will ever be enacted.

There are some states that have already adopted term limits and not all have positive feedback about it. Weighing its pros and cons is important before coming up with a concrete decision that can affect the nation as a whole. Leadership Leadership See all. Importance of Youth Leadership June 21, Youth Leadership in Community Development June 20, TEDx Teens See all. I am Seventeen June 17, Make the World Your Stage June 14, Overcoming Disabilities in School June 12, Empowering Disabled Youth in India June 11, That could cost them programs, grants, and other forms of funding that may be badly needed.

The pros and cons of Congressional term limits show that having fresh perspectives can be beneficial, but there are costs which must be absorbed as well. Should politicians be allowed to serve indefinitely? Log into your account. Friday, September 14, Bitcoin vs The Old World Order.

Brian Rose of London Real: What it Takes to Follow Your…. Author - Sam Wheeler - July 27, 0. For entrepreneurs, thinking about partnering with a charity seems pre-mature.

Growing their business and its brand should be priority number one. Social Media Strategies for Startups in March 9, Yes, it makes sense to codify term limits in the Constitution and it should be given a shot. However, it might be quicker to align with the Tea Party and using the ,strong army of readers, make it clear to all elected officials that we intend to vote them out of office after they have served the allotted number of terms.

Citizen government was what the framers had in mind and, for the sake of the Republic, we must get back to that. I have recently see this guy on TV named Doctor Ben Carson, I think he is currently the smartest man in the world, Get him to support it and I will support it too. I think it is too little too late at this point in time, We will be 22 trillion in debt by the time Obama leaves office. I think we are near the end at this point in time. America was the best country in the history of the world for 2 generations, not a bad run, Stick a fork in it because it is done, as an Empire.

It will be a decent place for a few more years, compared to the rest of the world but the game is over. The country is more than broke at this point in time. Eliminate all special interest groups and make lobbying by business unlawful. All election costs to be borne by the government thus eliminating the need to pander for funds from deep pocketed corporate interests.

Once the term limit is reached the congress person can not be involved in any additional federal government activity assuming item 1 above is not adopted. I realize this might sound polyanish but these issues need to be debated by an enlightened electorate otherwise nothing of consequence will happen. Shah, term limits are a good idea, but they will never happen as long as Congress controls the process by which Constitutional Amendments are enacted.

So the only real solution is to educate the voters better. The lobby representatives would also be tasked to track the voting record of each Congressperson and report their voting records on each issue. It would help to keep the voters more informed and let them know what their Congresspeople are really doing. And it would also keep their Congresspeople voting more in line with the wishes of the majority of the voters wishes.

And the voters really have no idea other than media sensationalism0 what the issues are or how their Congresspeople vote on those issues or what they hide in legislation for their own gain. The only real solution is to restore the Constitutional limits imposed by Article 1, Section 8 and the 10th amendment. Until the principles of liberty are taught in our schools things will only get worse. The problem with term limits is forcing someone out of office the people really WANT to stay in, Bernie Sanders for example.

We need to go with popular will, but keep paper ballots the machines are crooked. The congressional districts need to be set up by a computer, not a committee. There needs to be a limit on the amount of campaign funds each candidate can spend, and all candidates should be given the same amount. Basically, more debates and less money in campaigns. I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.

In addition to that, the time of Jim Crow is passed. It is time for every voter to show valid picture ID before casting a ballot. There is entirely too much voter fraud in this country.

Universal gun registration has historically been a precursor to gun confiscation, and most recently in Australia. Lack of private firearms tips the odds in favor of criminals and governments. This is NOT what our founding fathers had in mind for this Republic. Throwing them all out sounds good except that the lobbyists that got them elected in the first place would just get a new set of crooks elected. If we really want to decriminalize Washington it would have to be through campaign finance reform.

Yes, campaign finance reform is the root cure for the 3-ring circus in Washington, where the astronomical sums spent in elections buy way too much influence by special interests and the wealthy. Term limits are not needed, just better informed voters paying attention and voting out the bad apples, but we do need better nonpartisan factfinding on issues and voting records. Lawmakers now meet only 3 days a week, the rest of the time they are on the phone dialing for dollars!

Then when they leave office, they are hired as lobbyists by the same special interests they voted bills for as a lucrative reward for being their pet dog!! Jo , I absolutely agree. Corruption of our elective officials is not because of the length service, but the expense of elections and having the lobbyists set the agenda.

These lobbyists represent the corporations which really control governmental decisions. Filibustering the vote for new gun safety policies. They can Only get what we get!

Politicians should have a term limit just like the president. If they do a good job they could be re-elected after skipping a term. No person shall retain the office of Senator of the United States for consecutive terms. No person shall retain the office of Senator of the United States for a total duration exceeding eighteen years.

Term limits for the office of Representative of the United States shall be set at four years. No person shall retain the office of Representative of the United States for consecutive terms. No person shall retain the office of Representative of the United States for a total duration exceeding twelve years. Every vote every congressperson takes today is done with an eye toward the next election.

Every lobbyist visit is done with the knowledge that the targeted congressperson has the next election on their mind. Every 2 or 6 years a considerable amount of time and effort is spent by every congressperson on their reelection, time and effort WE paid for. Maintaining office is the primary endeavor every congressperson takes to as soon as they enter office.

Citizens but to remain in their positions. Every vote they take, every speech they give, every bill they introduce is couched with reelection in mind. Most congresspersons look at Congress membership as a life long pursuit, a corporate sponsored life long pursuit.

The 29th Amendment must be enacted to change the term limits for all of Congress. Reelection only after sitting out for at least one term. Single terms will reduce the impact of lobbyists and corporate sponsors. Single terms will return congresspersons to the private sector to remix with the citizenry. Single terms will reduce the impact of party line voting.

What Congress must do during their time in office should be one thing and one thing only — to create and pass laws that benefit the citizens of the United States of America. Forcing congressional candidates to skip terms will allow the record of each past Senator and Representative to be examined in detail and either condemned or extolled. If the latter, then their reelection during a subsequent campaign would be a sign of their efficacy and trustworthiness.

Max of 2, consecutive OR non-consecutive, is interesting either House. All else is just distraction until this step is taken. One can make arguments for and against, but in the end, you get a political class that is above the law as they are the ones that create the laws.

Corruption becomes the staple of the day and re-election is more important than what is best the country. Term limits would also instill cooperation between the two corrupt parties.

Experience can be handed down to new members via a staggered elections. But, who in CONgress would willingly cut their own throat by passing this legislation — back to zero percent. The amendment should be backed up by a national petition to start a grass-roots grass fire to singe the incumbents. The petition should be in all forms of media — internet, social, paper, etc. Some form of term limits are worth the fight to get in place. To allow the benefits of retaining the few good legislators, perhaps an incumbent can run again after sitting out 2 terms for a Representative and 1 term for a Senator.

Start a state by state movement for a term limits constitutional amendment. Congress will never do it. One six year term per candidate period including president. Country pays costs of elections and the people elected make a very very good wage to attract quality. Term limits is a good idea. Add to that the requirement that elected officials and all of the related bureaucracy be subject to the laws the elected officials pass — no exclusions or exceptions.

And one further item — we need to disperse the D. We have made Washington DC and the surrounding area a kind of economic super zone to a large degree immune to the economic distress of the rest of the country.

I have read where over a third of the D. They no longer represent the parents and they do not care about what they teach.

Again the Ethics, Morality, and Professionalism no longer exist in any significant way!!! Personally I like the idea of term limits. However, I think any politician serving in the federal government should be limited to a maximum of 6 years total except for the president who would be limited to 8.

If they are not successful in 6 years with getting their agenda passed then it is either a bad agenda or they are a bad politician. How long would the average worker last if they could not perform their job functions within 6 years? Without term limits a lot of politicians use these positions as a career. While we are at it throw in another amendment which states that the government shall not create laws that affect the citizens which do not apply to all citizens including all federal officials.

The politicians have created their own elite society and protected themselves from many of the laws that affect the rest of the citizens of the USA. We need major reforms NOW! In Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2, years prior: A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.

From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship. During those years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:.

From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the last Presidential election:.

Number of States won by: If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegals — and they vote — then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.

If you are not, then pass this along to help everyone realize just how much is at stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom.. The date of death is somewhat premature. But if something is not done soon, the demise of the once great beacon of freedom is assured.

We must keep in mind, that limiting their terms would increase the number of people we need to occupy the seats of Congress. This means we will have a vast number of retired Congressmen that we would have to support. Realistically, we would need to modify read eliminate their retirement benefits to affordably reduce their term limits so drastically. I believe that first we should have a national assembly somewhere convenient and capable of handling such a crowd as we hope we have to see if there is real support of the ideas that are being proposed here.

Though term limits sounds good, it would also eliminate the few good politicians. With Citizens United allowing unlimited, anonymous funds to candidates, all new politicians would be bought and paid for already.

With IRV, the voter ranks his choices by preference 1st, 2nd, 3rd. IRV increases voter interest and so encourages better candidates. It is simple enough to count by hand or with present machinery with an upgrade. Voters understand it and like it, where it is used. Our founding fathers are rolling over and over and over in their graves. There is no such thing as a professional politician.

Man is only free when federal government is limited. Get this attitude corrected by attaching work for entitlement and people may learn what it means to be free. You can get rid of the bad ones Bad side: This system could never be implemented and who would judge.

Two terms is enough, then, perhaps be eligible again after staying on the sidelines for two terms. I think a certain number of them are going to be owned, no matter who they are. The top wealth interests are the power in this country. That power assures its own preservation through lobbying, financial incentive, and term perpetuation of congress and parties.

Nothing short of outright revolution or invasion will change anything. The intentions of honest men does not exist in congress. The power structure seeks to divide us. The interests of wealth for its own perpetuation abides solely in perpetuating the fragmentation of the interests of the masses.

Keep the masses occupied with struggle; wealth and power will remain where it is. The two party system is exemplary of collusion of capital and government.

All laws made by Congress shall apply in their entirety and without exemptions to members of congress and their staffs. With this, members of congress would quit — in droves.

Many good comments here. I have the view that; 1. No doubt it needs a referendum to change, and it would take a huge groundswell of support to get the referendum. This still allows 18 years in Congress.

In other words, for nearly all of their Congressional careers, they are running for re-election. Another twenty or thirty years of current Government growth, and America is history. And that is the ultimate goal of the Big Money behind the progressive ideology of the Living Constitution, whence all this growth comes, with the indispensible patronage of the Supreme Court. The only way to even maybe get responsible politicians is to deny them re-election.

Politicians should be farmers, teachers, welders, engineers, lawyers, cops, and salespeople. Let them go to the legislature, serve a single term, and then go back home to live with the laws they created.

The most extreme form of term limits would allow a person to serve one term in one office at one level of government, i. One modification of that would be to allow a person to go on to serve as governor or president. Another modification would be to allow one term each at the local, state, and federal levels plus governor or president. But even this is allowing many re-election opportunities for special interests to support.

To make any of this work, one must also revise the terms. Six-year terms at the state and federal levels might be appropriate. A six-year term in the House, for example, would allow one third to turn over every two years. I would also advocate an intensive training period of at least two months before the term starts to educate the inexperienced incumbent, including the president, in the original meaning of the Constitution, procedures, realities of the office, and history of bills.

This is a tremendous overhaul of our electoral system, but it is one that matches the seriousness of our problem. I think this would be a good start. My concern would be that they will still find a way to put it to us they always do. How would this pass? They would be voting themselves out of a job and lush benefits. A lot of pros and cons with term limits. I am sure it would have many more pros. The best thing would be serve because of the good you could do for our country.

They have too much to get their hands on. I served 8 yr on school board for nothing because I love our school and our children. Limiting terms is a good idea, but it needs to be coupled with dramatically reducing the taxpayer-funded benefits that these elected officials enjoy. Cut their benefits to be more along the lines of what other working Americans have and you will reduce the number of people who want to sit on the elected gravy train.

Look at how much money is spent in them getting elected! The one where Congress was not going to be allowed to trade on insider information? This includes the Republicans as well as the Democrats! Can you see they are there to get rich and to screw us, the people who voted them in? I say pay them more while they are there, and then quite when they leave!

So we must stop insider trading. If not, the staff gains too much power! The Plum Book allows a died in the wool Democrat or Republican to move in the bureaucracy and then influence the decisions of that department based on their bias.

The bureaucracy is supposed to be NON-Partisan! Maybe we should try a different kind of amendment. An amendment that determines if a representative or senator is truly honest and representing his or her area by some type of system then allowing him or her to stay or dismissing him or her permanently without any possibility to obtain any government job afterward due to corruption or probable corruption or using the office for personal profit or influence. Of course the ones using at least 3 different groups which believe in different politics — Dem, Rep Lib to determine this must not be influenced or be able to be influenced by the government or those influenced or partial to government but want the improvement and honesty of government.

Well mabe this is asking too much! In the last election, i voted third party candidate wherever possible and against the incumbent regardless of party. Terms should be lengthened, then limited as needed. Reps have to run every two years, making them full-time fund-raisers.

Take away the intense attention to money by lengthening HoR terms to 4 years, Prez to 6 years, senators to 8. Two terms for Prez, at least; not sure about others. Life expectancy is increasing all the time. Longer terms make sense. They enable especially legislators to learn the job and become, maybe, good and wise, less meddlesome. Let the good ones stay and term limit the crumbs??????? How about a maximum of 14 years of federal political service with a K retirement and a cobra plan for health care.

This would mean that all who serve would also be required to make a living in the private sector during their lifetimes. I am sorry to say your amendment would not end the corrupting influences; just change the vessels more frequently. You would be better off with an amendment that defines a person as a living, breathing organism not an eternal and lifeless organization. Then, declare that Congress must give primary consideration to the interests of persons before the interest of other entities.

Organizations could still address Congress but only with the interests of people as their paramount concern. However, I am not optimistic in this regard. We must first find a way to outlaw lobbying, and then disband the Democratic and Republican parties. Perhaps when the dollar finally collapses and our country slides into poverty and ruin it will be easier to effect more changes, one can only hope!

Does out system of government provide for any way for a constitional ammendment for term limits be introduced by and voted on by the general public? If only the congress has the ability to introduce it and vote on it, it wil never pass. How can the people make it happen with in our system?

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There are some who believe that Congress benefits from fresh blood, while there are others who see the value in government continuity. Each side of the debate has points to make, so with that in mind, let’s take a deeper dive into the pros and cons of Congressional term .

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Learn about the pros and cons of term limits for Congress, plus find out about legislation creating term limits in Congress.

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The Pros of Term Limits for Congress. 1. Encourages Active Representation The inability of congress to take meaningful action on any number of issues is a frequent justification for the consistently low approval ratings of the institution among voters. Term limits for Congress have various pros and cons to be considered. Seniority creates the ability to facilitate change in Washington DC, but it also creates gridlock because congressional representatives also wish to continue being re-elected.

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Lack of term limits leads to a system of seniority, meaning those who have spent the most time in office gain more power (in committees, procedures, etc.); consequently, politicians focus on staying in office, districts & states don't receive equal power in Congress, and fresh new elected officials have limited ability to make changes. In the United States, presidential term limits were enacted in The concept was passed by Congress in , then ratified by the states on February 27, It would become the 22nd Amendment to the constitution, limiting a president to two terms in .