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Short Essay on Corporal Punishment in School

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Should teachers be allowed to punish students?
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Teachers today are losing the ability to control their classrooms. Students are more disruptive, more barbarous, and ill-mannered. It is rare to find students who appreciate their teachers.

Rules and discipline which were enforced during the sixties and seventies are not efficient enough for today's rebellious teens. Gislene Borno, a resident of Norwalk, grew up in Haiti where corporal punishment was mandatory in every school, said "You were forced to do your school work, come to school, and be at every class on time.

If these rules were not followed, you'd be whipped, and spanked by your teachers and, on top of that, your parents. This sort of punishment forced kids to learn whether they liked it or not. There is no doubt that these students respected and obeyed their teachers' rules. Those who believe corporate punishment is an abusive behavior must realize that, if these kids were raised in a correct manner by their parents in the first place, the schools would not have to discipline them.

Their parents should have instilled the difference between right and wrong. The teachers should not have to put up with disruption, nor should the students, who come to school to learn.

Many southern schools are realizing how helpful paddling or corporal punishment may be. Paddling has been making a comeback in recent years. Alabama Governor Fab James, Jr.

The North Fork School District in Utica, Ohio, approved a paddle last year that is four inches wide and eighteen inches long. Only twenty-one states have bans on corporal punishmen. These states feel the continued use of corporal punishment appears to reflect inappropriate views of children's rights. The rights of children should not be an issue in this matter. If kids behaved the way they should, then corporal punishment would not be an issue. With a parent's permission, a student facing detention or suspension can choose paddling instead.

The punishments used now will never work for students today or in the future. What is a phone call to a parent? If that does not bring fear at an elementary level, it definitely will not have an effect on middle school students or high school adolescents. Schools need punishment that is terrifying - a punishment that is sure to bring discomfort and not enjoyment.

I agree with you. There was a time in this country when if you were sent to talk to the principal, he was going to tan your hide. There was no question about it. Then, your parents would spank you when you got home for acting that way. People think is strange for youth to think this way, but I think more people should. I grew up being spanked, and I learned a lot from it. You bet if my parents tell me to watch myself, that I zip my lip. Not out fo fear, but out of respect.

I think corporal punishment should be brought back in to schools. If the parents were spanking their children, there would be no need for it. But if a parent will not teach their child a little bit of respect, someone has to. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your email. If you have a suggestion about this website or are experiencing a problem with it, or if you need to report abuse on the site, please let us know.

We try to make TeenInk. I can't help but chuckle a bit. Didn't these parents ever give their child a time out? This is actually better than getting a time out because you can eat instead of just sitting by yourself quietly. The canceling of recess still exists today.

However, parents are threatening lawsuits because they say that it is in violation of the school policy. Apparently, in some school districts, no child can be denied their God given right to recess. Recently, I heard about a teacher who made the students run laps outside during recess because the class misbehaved. Some parents were really upset about that as well.

The other punishments being handed out by teachers include, yelling, making children sit in the front of the class, taking away treats and revoking non-uniform day privileges. I don't have a problem with teachers punishing students, as long as it's a fair punishment. The classrooms would be complete chaos if there were no consequences for bad behavior.

I think that teachers should consider giving extra school work as a punishment. Maybe the children should be required to write an essay about respect, common courtesy, good behavior, punishment, peer pressure or anything else that could make them think about why the punishment needed to be issued. No matter what stage you are in your life, there are consequences for your actions and school is no exception.

Teachers need to be able to set boundaries in their classrooms. A classroom without boundaries and consequences is a great disservice to every student in that class. If you are a parent that believes that teachers should not be allowed to punish students, maybe you should consider homeschooling your child.

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Corporal punishment is the act of using physical force to punish a student for wrongdoing. It might involve a ruler across the back of the hand or a cane to the rear. Corporal punishment has since been outlawed as a cruel and unusual punishment. In this essay, I explore the for and against of implementing corporal punishment within education.

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Corporal punishment means physical torture. This could be in the form of beating, canning, thrashing or even whipping. Corporal punishment is a common feature in schools. Several incidents of such punishment have been reported in the newspapers. Such kind of punishment can physically impair a student for his whole life.

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Corporal Punishment in Schools Corporal punishment is the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer, or to deter attitudes or behaviour deemed unacceptable (Miller, Vandome, & McBrewster, ). Corporal Punishment in Schools Essay Study has shown the state with corporal punishment does not reduce the behavior but cause more behaviors. This study is true due to students being embarrassed by the corporal punishment and will be harassed by other students over the corporal punishment.