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The Process of Papyrus to Papers in Ancient Egypt


❶If you answered yes to any of these questions, try making your own paper.

Where Does Papyrus Come From?

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How Is Papyrus Made?
Facts, Growing and Harvesting

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Preparation into Sheets

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Aug 03,  · Take two wooden boards that are roughly as big or bigger than your papyrus sheet. On each board, put an old dish cloth followed by some paper towels ( sheets). Place your papyrus in between both sheets to make yourself a nice papyrus sandwich! Using clamps, or a giant vice if you have one, clamp it down tight.

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Make the paper! Mix an equal amount of Crayola® School Glue and water in a flat bowl. Tear a brown paper bag into strips. Lay a paper towel on the newspaper. Dip strips one at a time in the glue mix. Lay them on the paper towel with their edges overlapping. Press the strips smooth. Arrange more strips going across the first layer. Press smooth.

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Papyrus Uses. Papyrus paper serves as a good backdrop for kids to create hieroglyphic art, a framed poem or some other art project. Cut up the paper to make distinctive gift tags. You can also use it to create an old-looking treasure map for a birthday party treasure hunt. The papyrus plant is a reed that grows in marshy areas around the Nile river. In ancient Egypt, the wild plant was used for a variety of uses, and specially cultivated papyrus, grown on plantations, was used to make the writing material. The inside of the triangular stalk was cut or peeled into long strips.

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Papyrus is a tall, reed-like, fresh water plant with a stunning blossom, sometimes reaching a height of 15 feet, that grows along the banks of the Nile River. Egyptian drawings depict laborers harvesting the plants from the marshes, then tying them into bundles. Papyrus was used to make paper as early as B.C. Jul 07,  · I am going to show you how to make a fake Egyptian papyrus. You can make this for your history projects.:D.