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Junior Grade Everett Alvarez, Jr. John Flynn was the highest-ranking POW. Faas, Horst Vietnam became a subject of large-scale news coverage in the United States only after substantial numbers of U. Prior to that time, the number of American newsmen in Indochina had been small—fewer than two dozen even as late as By , at the height of the war, there were about accredited journalists of all nationalities in Vietnam, reporting for U.

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam MACV made military transportation readily available to newspeople, and some took advantage of this frequently to venture into the field and get their stories first-hand.

That proximity to the battlefield carried obvious risks, and more than 60 journalists were killed during the war. Important stories could be transmitted directly by satellite from Tokyo.

There has been much discussion of the way television brought battles directly to American living rooms, but in fact most television stories were filmed soon after a battle rather than in the midst of one, and many were simply conventional news stories.

Indeed, most stories about the war on nightly TV news shows were not film records fresh from Vietnam but rather brief reports based on wire service dispatches and read by anchormen.

White House press conference The role of the media in the Vietnam War is a subject of continuing controversy. Some believe that the media played a large role in the U. However, many experts who have studied the role of the media have concluded that prior to most reporting was actually supportive of the U. Reporting from Vietnam was indeed uncensored, but during the entire war period there were only a handful of instances in which the MACV found a journalist guilty of violating military security.

In any case, American disillusionment with the war was a product of many causes, of which the media was only one. What most undermined support for the war was simply the level of American casualties: Spector - Ronald H. He received his B. He has served in various government positions and on active duty in the Marine Corps from and , and was the first civilian to become Director of Naval History and the head of the Naval Historical Center. His publications include In the Ruins of Empire: The American War with Japan Take a minute to check out all the enhancements!

After Johnson dramatically escalated the amount of soldiers in Vietnam, The North Vietnamese mounted a surprise attack during the Vietnamese new year, and this strike was called the Tet Offensive. It made America more aware of what they were up against, that the communists were capable of fierce, guerrilla warfare, unlike anything Americans had ever fought before.

The American Vietnam War became unpopular because of many reasons 1. The Civil Rights Movement 2. The Women's Rights Movement 3. The news media brought war home to the living rooms for the first time 4. The draft dodgers 5. The hippie movement 6. The length of the conflict 7. No discernible sign of favorable results 8. Fighting a limited war with restrictions on what the military could and could not do Unless you had a family member or friend who served in country the war did not touch most Americans.

The American people were tired of all the turmoil and wanted to see some positive results on all fronts. Unfortunately the news started making news instead of reporting the news. Drugs were not a problem in Vietnam until the 70's and was a reflection on drug use back home.

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Aug 29,  · Homework help, on the vietnam war? I need to write an essay for IGCSE history, 'why did the war in vietnam become so unpopular in america?' Some of the points mentioned, are the drug problems, cambodia, loas, and vietnam Resolved. The Vietnam War was a long conflict in Southeast Asia. It began in , after the country of Vietnam was split into two parts, North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam wanted to reunite the country under Communism, its political and economic system.

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The complicated Vietnam War took place in Indochina. It was the first war America televised and the first war America lost. Hotly disputed, it created homeland protests and clashes in Washington D.C. Learn more on the history of the Vietnam War and America’s (and other countries’) involvement. Right now I only have my intro typed so any help is appriciated. I've choosen the adjective catastrophic to describe it. I'd like to incorporate the Kent State incident along with how expensive the war was in comparison to others. The Vietnam War was fought between the communist North Vietnam and the Democratic South.