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Personal ethics development paper

Personal ethics development Essay

❶It is also essential for me to see that others with the same ethical system leading not only in my church but in the community around us. You can see them in the community and church with no difference in character.

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School taught me what was legally wrong or right. When making decisions, my ethical system influences they way I act because tend to be bias by what my mom, my family, school, or personal events taught me. Time has taught me to value the importance of learning form other mistakes and advices. This had leaded me to draw conclusions from specific examples. For example, when considering any issue, I usually use inductive reasoning and go from the very specific problem to the general conclusion.

At the workplace, my ethical system influences the way I behave and perform in a positive and negative way. Based on the nature of the work, my ethical system at the workplace tends to be a combination of duty-based and goal-based. For example, I work for the United States Postal Service and I am commitment to my work, which includes several tasks determined by the Postal Service rules and regulations.

If I fail with one of this laws or rules I could be on probation or lose my job. Therefore, it is important that I obey those rules. In addition, all this tends to be influenced by the actual goal of the company and my personal goal. The company goal is to complete my assigned tasks in a timely manner, which is to deliver the mail.

My personal goal is to produce money to sustain my family and pay my expenses. This personal goal drives me to be ethical and the do the right thing at my workplace because I do not want to put in jeopardy my job. This puts into play my personal family values. Therefore, my ethical system could be considered individualistic and very very competitive, which could impact my workplace in a negative way. Hence, all of my social interactions are connected to religious standards and the relative ethical considerations.

Ensuring that my obligations and duties in the workplace are paramount ensures that I am able to adhere to the expectations of the management to deliver high quality work through appropriate conduct. Ethics are important in the entity in that they provide employees with a high sense of responsibility towards service delivery and execution of duties and tasks delegated by the management in the workplace.

The use of virtue ethics ensures that the employees as well as the members of the community uphold a high sense of integrity rather than the focus on selfish individual needs. In addition, the organization benefits from such ideals as the employees uphold a high sense of responsibility in their actions within the organization. This provides a precedent in terms of the employee actions in the execution of their duties and tasks delegated to them.

My obligations to the organization the community and myself are achieved using the duty-based ethics system resulting in benefits for all within my social interactions. We have the capacity, through our dedicated team of writers, to complete an order similar to this. In addition, our customer support team is always on standby, which ensures we are in touch with you before, during and after the completion of the paper.

We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. More Essay Examples on Ethics Rubric. I will also discuss on my ethics used in the workplace and how ethics plays the key role of an organization.

My ethic beliefs were influenced mainly by Christianity. The primary principle of Christianity is the Ten Commandments. In other words they derive from laws set down by God.

They are also meant to be objective and universal. Having two children myself I want to pass on my ethical values to them as well. Ethics, morals, and values are something that is taught. The church that I currently attend sets a great example of how to live by the bible.

Most of the people that are members of my church lead by example. You can see them in the community and church with no difference in character. It is evident that they do believe in the 10 Commandments and its principles. It is very important for me to see that an individual word mirrors his or her actions. It is also essential for me to see that others with the same ethical system leading not only in my church but in the community around us.

Knowing all of this helps develops me more with my ethical system. It allows me to grow as a person and focus on areas that need some assistance in.

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Personal Ethics Development Paper (), define ethics as “the principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or organization.” I was influenced the way I determine different actions or behavior in a particular situation since I was a child.

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Personal ethics development Essay Ethics can be explained as the choices people make regarding right and wrong things, actions (Paul & Elder, , p. 11). Human ethics is a complex and deep knowledge of basic human values and norms of behavior. Personal Ethics Development Paper Humans are born into the world without any personal values or belief systems. The only skill a newborn has is the ability .

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Essay on Personal Ethics Development. Personal Ethics Development Wanda Dominic PHL/ Ethics in Management May 10, Gina Messina-Dyssert PERSONAL ETHICS DEVELOPMENT The process of ethics development begins during childhood. Free Essay: Personal Ethics Development Paper PHL / Ethics In Management 12/13/ Personal ethics are extremely important in business decisions, life.