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❶Mookie demands his weekly pay, leading to an argument. The New York Times.

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His subject is the way race affects the way lives are lived in America. More than any filmmaker before him, he has focused his stories on African-American characters, considering not how they relate to the white society, or it to them, but how they relate to each other. School Daze is no less about skin color because all of its characters are black.

Jungle Fever is not only about a romance between black and white, but about all of the social, class and educational factors that race stands in for. Malcolm X is about a man who never abandons his outrage at racism, but comes to understand that skin color should not define who he can call his brother. In Do the Right Thin g, the subject is not simply a race riot, but the tragic dynamic of racism, racial tension, and miscommunication, seen in microcosm. The film is a virtuoso act of creation, a movie at once realistic and symbolic, lighthearted and tragic, funny and savage; one of the reasons we recoil at the end is that we thought, somehow, the people of this neighborhood, this street, whom we had come to know, would not be touched by the violence in the air all around them.

And they knew each other. Surely nothing bad could come between them. And yet something bad does happen. Spike Lee has been clever enough to make us sympathize with Sal, to like him and his pizzeria, so that it is not an easy target but a shocking one. Mookie, the delivery man played by Lee himself. The woman who found the movie a call to violence was most disturbed, I suspect, because it was Mookie who threw the trash can—Mookie, who the movie led her to like and trust.

Very few people actually try to do the right thing when no one is there, and I admit that I do not always follow this but I try my hardest to do the right thing every time. Lets say that while at work I see that someone has left a wallet in their shopping cart.

I always will take it to the customer service with out taking anything because I know that I would feel guilty if I did not do the right thing and stole the money out of it. Or lets say that I find that someone has accidentally left an unopened item in their cart.

I would never keep that for my self but instead I would go inside and tell the manager that someone had left this item in their cart.

This pretty much happens every day at work and I always try to make sure that they can get it back. I believe that when someone decides to not do the right thing just because they know no one is watching is one of the worst things that a person could do.

I believe that a persons morals are measured by what they do when they know that no one is watching. Another part of doing the right thing all the time even when no one is looking is that even if I ever do end up doing the wrong thing then the feeling of guilt is always there and I know that if whatever I did this time was wrong then I will try to correct this wrongdoing because I believe that everyone does the wrong thing sometime but that if they truly do feel remorseful for what they have done then the next time that no one is watching then they will do the right thing.

And now I leave you with this. Whenever you feel that you can get away with something just because no one is watching, the guilt is not worth it. With this I urge you to always do the right thing, even if no one is watching. If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc.

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Keywords: do the right thing analysis essay 'Do the right thing' is one of the best films made by Writer, Director, producer, and star Spike Lee in , which explored the issue of biasness and discrimination of the African-American area of New York city called Brooklyn.

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Essay about Do The Right Thing Words | 3 Pages “DO THE RIGHT THING” Spike Lee’s movie Do the Right Thing is an excellent portrayal of what life was and is most certainly like in some areas of New York City and across the United States of America.

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Do The Right Thing Essay - “DO THE RIGHT THING” Spike Lee’s movie Do the Right Thing is an excellent portrayal of what life was and is most certainly like in some areas of New York City and across the United States of America. Essay on Do the Right Thing Film Analysis - The film Do the Right Thing displays a story about racial tension in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. Spike Lee not only directed and produced this film but he was also the main character, Mookie.

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Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee In Do the Right Thing, Spike Lee blatantly exposes racism in society which justifies the need for African American communities to band together. The film acted as a controversial voice of change which forced those given authority by a racist system to acknowledge the power of the oppressed African American groups. Do the Right Thing is one of the best-directed, best-made films of our time, a film in which the technical credits, the acting, and Lee’s brazenly fresh visual style all work together to make a statement about race in America that is all the more powerful because it blindsides us.