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A Competitive IB Theory of Knowledge Essay (ToK) Development
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Another reason for having an abortion is pregnancy due to cases of rape or incest. Is it right for the mother to live with such a glaring memory of a traumatic experience? What if the mother is unable to adequately recover from her experience and suffers a mental illness such as post-traumatic stress disorder? What if she is unable to deal with any anger issues regarding the incident and takes it out on the child? This would probably lead to either physical or emotional abuse of the child, leading to further psychological issues for the mother, child or family.

These potential outcomes may be uncertain at the time of pregnancy, but is it a chance worth taking? While these reasons may not be common, they are worthy of consideration as their impact affects the entire family, particularly the possible quality of life for the child, and by extension, society.

Retrieved from Good Reads: Retrieved from Brainy Quotes: Each individual is different; and as such we all think differently, therefore there will be several ways to interpret a question. In writing your theory of knowledge essay, you must identify and explore the knowledge question and support your discussion with your own real-life experiences.

Below we have created a list of TOK essay topics you may consider for your next paper. In choosing your ToK essay topic, you should review the options for a topic that you are interested in and will have some background knowledge on. The topic should also be one in which information is readily available and easy to find.

Creating knowledge issues for ToK can be done by asking a knowledge question about the legitimacy of a ToK claim. This can either be positive or negative and must apply to any of the various areas of knowledge. When writing a theory of knowledge paper, you must use open-ended questions to allow for discussion and use ToK vocabulary and concepts. Examples of words you must use are know, knowledge, justify, explain, evidence, theor y, etc.

The tone of your ToK paper should be formal and objective, as you need to be able to assess all factors from an unbiased standpoint. In the introduction, it is also important to state your thesis, define the key terms mentioned in the topic and explain to your readers how you will explore and deliberate the topic.

A good real life situation for a ToK presentation is the use of genetic modification for food. The writer would look at how the process is done and the impact of these types of foods. Each way of Knowing or Area of Knowledge is a section in the structure of your essay composed of paragraphs.

Competing approaches should be organized in an alternating pattern; a paragraph of one claim should be followed by a paragraph of an opposing counter-claim. This is a perfect way of communicating the conflict in your ToK essay. The length of a standard ToK essay is 1, words. Hence, you should be precise in summarizing your ideas. Give a conclusion and close the essay by reflecting on the entire essay.

Sometimes you might be required to choose a title from a list. Your selection will determine the quality of your final Theory of Knowledge essay! Hence, it is important that you to formulate an open question. Theory of knowledge cuts through several disciplines.

Hence, carefully choose at least three aspects of knowledge you will relate to the essay. Make sure you have appealing claims to make and explore in the areas of knowledge e.

Mathematics, History or ways of knowing e. Sense, perception, emotion, reason you have chosen. Your school should provide the grading criteria. Understanding these criteria will help you appropriately set your goals for your ToK essay.

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Tricks on how to write a good conclusion for an essay.

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Planning and structuring a TOK essay before you begin writing is crucial to your success. Here are some of the things you should get right from the start.

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Check out how to write a TOK essay. TOK essay example is provided. Get professional help with writing a TOK essay at Writing a TOK essay ‘Most people would rather die than think; in fact they do so.’ BERTRAND RUSSELL, – 1 ‘You aren’t going to have good ideas, unless you have lots of ideas and.

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How to Structure a Theory of Knowledge Essay The following structure is a very good, step-by-step method you can use on any ToK essay to get very high marks. Here are the main things to keep in mind when you're using this method. If you need to structure a theory of knowledge essay, read this paper that offers tips on how to write a tok essay for your college and get a high score.