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❶This, however, I do not believe to be the case.

Essay on Honor

In this case, it is important "not to drop the dignity" in the eyes of other people, because few people want to deal with rude and unreliable person, who can let you down in any serious situation.

However, a person may have a bad personality traits, and just try to hide them from others. In any case, the loss of honor leads to negative consequences - a man can be disappointed with himself, or become an outlaws in society. The honor, which I define as the reputation, has always been considered as the main business factor for people - both men and women. The main thing I realized is that the word "honor" related to the word "honesty". You should be honest with yourself and with other people.

Honor, duty, conscience - these concepts can rarely be met. What are the meanings of these concepts? Honor, in my opinion, is being associated with the army, with officers, who protect our homeland. This people are able to withhold the blows of fate with dignity. Duty — is also connected with the fact that people, who are defending our homeland are completing the duty, sacrificing their lives and well-being in the honor of the big aim and in honor of other people. Conscience is what lives inside every human being.

There are people without a conscience. They can simply pass by grief, and not to help others. The most terrible thing is that nothing will torment them. In most cases, all these concepts are tightly connected.

After all this, what is honor? The very mention of such a phrase may well send many a modern conservative anywhere but where such an abhorrent idea is spoken. Man should be free to do as he chooses, as long as no harm comes to others, so the modern philosophy goes. But in so doing is harm not done to others? Stated another way, in his choosing to do as he will are not others being harmed? To do the honorable thing, which most often involves a certain degree of sacrifice, is only a viable option if the primary actor profits, but if he does in fact profit, how honorable was his act of so-called honor?

Man, to be honorable, must defend human obligations, and in a society much more focused on the individual and the material than on the spiritual and the good, the honorable option often requires a break from modern ideals. Honor witnesses a human obligation that has gone unfulfilled, and it acts. Leave the punditry to lesser men. Some call it natural law, others objective truth; regardless of its designation, it remains one and the same—an unalterable law by which all men are not only expected to adhere in their dealings with others, but also by which all men may hold a reasonable expectation to be dealt with by others.

To seek to live honorably is naught but to satisfy that innate urge felt inside all men and women when presented with a choice between genuine right and wrong.

As the social cancer of moral relativism continues to spread throughout modern society, our collective sense of honor continues to wane. How can one act honorably if the very basic understanding of right and wrong is replaced with a pseudo-philosophy that states right and wrong are only social constructs, relics of a bygone age?

I am reminded of a story told to me by my college mentor, a certain Lieutenant-Colonel Armstrong. While in the Iraqi desert during the first Gulf War, he and his company were driving through the flat desert with not a single landmark in any direction as far as the eye could see. After a time, someone noticed something small on the horizon, as if very far off. Whatever it was, surely it was quite large given how far off it appeared, and yet in a matter of seconds they came upon the object—a single oil drum.

Without any other object to which it could be compared, there was no measure by which to judge its size. Such can be said of our present moral compass.

If honor is worth anything, then its dictates are such that they remain unchanged across the generations. Either that which is considered honorable today would be so considered in the era of knights and kings, or else it is not today, nor was it then, nor will it ever be considered an act of honor. We must be thankful that relativism is only a shadow, and not an object capable of producing a shadow. We must be joyful that while on the wane, honor is not now, nor ever will it be, dead as long as there are those who desire to live lives of honor.

I will conclude this essay on honor with a quotation from a man who was himself a titan of honor far beyond the reach or understanding of the common man. Let the words that follow serve as an encouragement to those wearied by a world without honor. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense.

Books on the topic of this essay may be found in The Imaginative Conservative Bookstore. I hardly think that honor is dead. Thank you for your comment, but it seems that you have misunderstood my conclusion. As I state in my conclusion, it is not something that can be killed, and so long as there are those who insist upon living honorably, it will always be with us.

Honor, like any other tradition, is one that must be taught and encouraged in the younger generation, that it may proliferate to proceeding generations. Live long and honorably, my friend. The Bible from ages ago has established the right to private property ownership and individual liberty.

I think this article is more of an attack on that than anything else. There is a reason that greed is not illegal. Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt not steal. Thank you for your thoughtful reply to my essay. I am sorry that you feel as you do, particularly considering the nature of the essay I am presently writing with the hopes of publication on this fine site.

I will leave you with this: This, however, I do not believe to be the case. I hope you will continue to read my work, and to offer your thoughts accordingly. Thank you very much, Marcia! I went to great pains to craft this essay, and was all in committed when I realized that I was myself none too sure what honor is.

This essay, then, is the flow of my thoughts from the question through to conclusion. I hope you will continue to read my work! A most persuasive essay.

The notion of human obligations is what I think separates conservatives from Libertarians. And it is spot on. I absolutely love to have a phrase to apply to this belief that there are certain actions the performance of which all men are held to account. And you are absolutely right. In fact, I would go a little farther by suggesting that human obligations are what separate conservatives — true, traditional conservatives — from all other factions who have a dog in the fight.

Thanks for reading, old boy! Mr Kee You have chosen to work on a very important subject. I would caution you not to expect that such a deeply traditional notion as honor is going to be considered the same for men and women. It really isnt true that men and women went after dragons. As Chesterton says The dragon threatens the beauty and the Knight slays the dragon and wins the beauty. The dictates protective obligations for men are very diferent than those of women. Women protect children and men protect cities and nations.

The public character of male protective duty has always given cowardice by males a very different meaning than a woman running from a brute.

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One definition of honor is honesty, faith, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by Shakespeare Brutus shows his honor to the people of Rome by being honest as to why he killed Caesar/5(1).

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In the Webster's Dictionary it states the definition of honor as someone with high regard or respect; personal integrity; reputation and privilege. What Webster's Dictionary does not tell are the people who would qualify as being honorable under these traits.3/5(8).

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Honor is defined as esteem paid to worth and is associated with reverence, dignity, distinction, reputation, good name and a good sense of what is right, just, and true. The key part to honor is having respect for others and for yourself, the two must act together because with out both you have nothing. The definition of honor is a high regard or respect; personal integrity; reputation; privilege (Webster’s Dictionary). The word honor comes from Latin Honos. Honor shapes lives everyday, and provides the glue that holds a family, community and country together.

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Essay on The Value of Honor Words | 4 Pages. The Value of Honor There is a priceless respect that everyone in the world possesses, and that is the respect of a person’s honor. A person’s honor is something that can not be bought, sold, or traded it’s something that must be gained by the respect of your peers. Concept of Honor" Definition Honor is the self esteem of an individual. It is the respect that an individual acquires from others. It is the glory, admiration that a person attains through deeds over the years.