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Descriptive Essay on New York City


❶A place were everyone is free to be themselves.

Coney Island has been around for decades and is confident in its culture and diversity. What particularly represented this concept at Coney Island were the painted trashcans along the boardwalk. Another difference between Coney Island and High Line that struck me right away was the values of the times that they were created and how that reflected on each of the sites. The attraction and idea of High Line was the opposite, of throwing off the shackles of the modern and post-industrial age we locked ourselves in.

The two sites are converses when it comes to the purposes of the people who created them but are alike in how they are products of their times. Both sites continue to pass along the messages of their creators and their eras, and allow them to live on through future generations. Coney Island and the High Line are products of different centuries and yet serve the same purpose of being a resort.

Although Coney Island and the High Line each have their own distinct background, they both serve as a form of relief from the city life. Every year, these locations also attract thousands of tourists who are looking for entertainment. They can take a stroll together and look at the scenery or just take a moment to talk to each other. These places allow people to unwind and take a break from their city life. Although both Coney Island and the High Line serve as a resort, there are differences in how they entertain their guests.

The High Line, built in the twenty-first century, embraces the city life and incorporates the ocean, traffic and tall buildings into the scenery. The background is constantly filled with sounds of traffic and construction. As you walk along the High Line, you are able to see both sides of New York, the past and present. If you start at the beginning of the High Line, near 17 th street, there will be worn down and abandoned brick buildings and various construction projects.

This is perhaps a representation of what New York used to look like, before new designs were introduced. However, once you reach 25 th street the view changes drastically. Instead of the brick buildings there are now glass buildings, glass elevators and marble flooring. This provides a representation of modern New York, the result of technology and advancements.

For example, there are beach chairs with flowing water on the floor that mimics the beach for those that enjoy spending time there. There is also a large grass field for children to play catch, do cartwheels or roll around on. It even has empty platforms for people to express their creativity in forms such as plays. People also express themselves through abstract and realist paintings of t he city architecture. These paintings are available for sale on the High Line.

The plants on the High Line are also planted and organized by the designers. Coney Island, on the other hand, is built in isolation from the city life. The background in Coney Island is filled with sounds of the ocean waves and screams and laughter from those on the rollercoaster rides. Unlike the High Line, Coney Island creates a more historic atmosphere that evokes childhood memories. These types of entertainment are more interactive with the audience and evoke more intimate emotions such as fear, excitement and joy.

People can also go further down the boardwalk to go fishing or crab hunting. Both the beach and fishing provide a full escape from both the city and technology. In both these activities, people can revert back to the old times and use simple equipment for enjoyment. Unlike the High Line, Coney Island is focused more on the arts. The walls and even the garbage cans along the boardwalk are filled with paintings of the sea life. Although both the High Line and Coney Island have different forms of entertainment for the audience, they both serve as a resort for those that want to take a break from the city life.

They are places where people of all gender, ethnicity and age can enjoy. Most of the arcades and even parts of the amusement parks were closed down. It seems that Coney Island has lost its popularity as people seek other forms of entertainment, such as the High Line.

Coney Island and the High Line are two locations where one can escape the busy urban life, yet still be in or near the city. For a Friday afternoon, Coney Island seemed like a ghost town. The amusement parks were closed or deserted. Closed-down arcades surrounded an empty arcade. However, the small details of Coney Island did impress me. I felt that the ocean was a cemetery for the names that were painted on the garb age cans, filled with fading cries for a cleaner beach.

The next day I walked through the High Line on a cloudy afternoon. Continue walking down south and one would then enter the sundeck, a tropical paradise-like section of the High Line.

I admired the preserved use of the railroad tracks to echo of what it once used to be and to create an artificial coexistence of nature and industrial life with the trees and grasses growing over the tracks. Leisure on the High Line was limited though, from sitting on benches to relaxing on the sundeck.

Despite the presence of the lawn around 23 th Street, the space was not enough for recreational activities because many would either simply rest or sit on the grass.

Jogging was even not an option with the constant congestion of crowds. While visiting both sites, I noticed some striking similarities. Both attempted to create a tropical paradise-like atmosphere, whether it was the artificial palm trees on the Coney Island beach or the sundeck on the High Line.

The murals around the Coney Island boardwalk and the abstract building structures around the High Line both reflected an a rtistic taste in the societies nearby. Amazingly enough, both were locations of interest for wedding photos. In Coney Island, a couple, along with their family, took photos on the beach with the ocean and sunset as the backdrop. On the High Line, a couple took photos with the back of a church around 21 st Street as a backdrop in the midst of people walking by.

Although I did mention that I was a bit disappointed of Coney Island and the High Line as a whole, I admired many of the small details. Will I consider revisiting those sites again? Who knows what I will see in my next visit? A garden on top of an old railroad sounded a bit strange, and possibly dangerous.

I had to wander around the base of the railroad before finding a staircase. As I climbed up, I was shocked by what I saw. Shrubs, grass, and flowers were arranged the edges of a path that meandered through the city up in the air. I have never seen a park quite like it before; it combined art with plant life and raised it into the air of one of the busiest cities in the world. One of the first things that caught my eye were the transitions of old to new, and the natural to artificial and back again.

Benches rose from the floor in a seamless slope, moving from the gray floorboard to rich maple-colored wood. Central Park is a huge span of well-groomed trees and fields in a forest-like setting.

This park did not have that option; buildings rise on either side, and cars are both seen and heard as they zoom beneath your feet. I very much enjoyed this aspect of the design; it recognized Manhattan instead of trying to completely rip itself from it.

This is not a park full of exotic trees and perfectly arranged, colorful bouquets. This park embraces the past in its design and feel, letting you travel through old Manhattan as you walk the narrow path through the city air. While I visited the High Line for the first time to complete this project, I have lived across the street from Astroland and Luna Park for most of my life.

As Barthes sees the general settings of his photographs, this atmosphere is the overarching theme of Coney Island. The standard of a classic amusement park complete with a merry-go-round, cotton candy, and a few feature attractions is the first thing that is noticeable about the entertainment area. It is at its roots a family getaway destination for some fun in the sun and a spin around the Tickler.

I do love Coney Island for this. When you do catch a gem, it changes your whole view of Coney Island. Hill and Wang, It is New York City when vertical and horizontal lines dominate the landscape, when unrecognizable languages assault the ears, and when art is discreetly infused into the landscape.

The black, massive overhead railroad, at first glance, seems to introduce a more threatening aspect to the city, unnecessary with the underground subway system in place. Walking up to the top of the railroad, every preconceived notion is instantly destroyed. An innovative and inviting feature of New York City, the High Line, once threatened to be destroyed, creates a new space for visitors Goldberger.

The High Line is an urban park, the floorboards riddled with sprouts of different plants, cleverly reminding the viewer that however urban and architectural New York City gets, no one can ever remove nature from the area.

Even the aroma of the plants confused the visitor as to where they actually were — the smells of the city perfectly covered. The scenes of the High Line nearly exhibit a forecast of what may happen if humans were to suddenly disappear from New York City. Like a set from Planet of the Apes, plants took over the urban landscape of the city; however this landscape was more controlled than if run by ape overlords.

One interesting aspect of the High Line is the benches, which look like they are naturally growing out of the structure. The integration exposes the intentions of the designers of the High Line — to introduce a more innovative way of assimilating nature into urban life. The buildings surround the abandoned line, finally granting the ordinary pedestrian a view of the roofs. Those walking on the High Line seemed always to look outward, toward the river or toward the views of the skyscrapers and littered streets.

There was something to love in the dark, ruin of the High Line; two heroes who formed the Friends of the High Line shared their vision of the saved treasure with the rest of the world Goldberger. Every part of the High Line is drawn with lines, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, just as the city is.

The performance is clear, the spontaneous happenings of New York City today it is a wedding right on top of the High Line. Unlike the High Line, Coney Island is not one single entity — it is a vast, complex neighborhood — including an amusement park, an aquarium, and a stadium. Cutting through the parking lot, the activity of the neighborhood was apparent — many different basketball games taking place, loud music permeating through the air, and whistles blowing from all different directions.

The Wonder Wheel, Steeple Chase, and Cyclone penetrate the sky — presenting a world of illusion introduced to reality.

However, unlike the High Line, Coney Island becomes almost simulated. Though, this artificiality in the architecture of Coney Island does not halt visitors from enjoying the attractions — in fact it is what draws them in Koolhaas The trashcans seemed to be an emblem of Coney Island, strange enough. Artwork like this littered all of Coney Island, in a way reminding the visitor of the sometimes strange American culture provided by the area.

Hot dogs, hamburgers, baseball, roller coasters, boardwalks, and steel structures, all captured this essence of America, with the compactness and activity resembling New York City. While the High Line provided an escape from the bustle of Manhattan to view it from a different vantage point, Coney Island infused and contained the activity of its visitors.

The novelty of Coney Island is well defined, with the old architecture from which it was derived exposed in the styles of the amusement park and the signage of the small eateries. A performance of sorts was occurring at Coney Island as well, a circus of illusion clashing with reality. It is New York City when words fail in describing the sizzling action occurring through countless moments.

Folding into the membrane of New York City are two attractions — Coney Island and the High Line, each capturing an aspect of the future and the past, freezing it into the present and making it available for countless visitors to experience the true New York City — in its various forms as a thriving existence. Conceived more than years apart, Coney Island and the High Line are two New York City sites which are both products of their times, reflecting different ideas about recreation, culture, and society.

The two locations are very difficult to compare, because I believe that they are somewhat different. Both of these attractions offer its visitors an escape from the world around them.

It contains a handful of artwork dispersed throughout the walkway. The High Line also includes benches along both the edge of the el and near the old train tracks, now overgrown with foliage. It also contains a viewing gallery, where people can sit and overlook the New York traffic as it drives by underneath them.

Coney Island takes its visitors away from the busy streets of Brooklyn and propels them into an entirely different world. Coney Island houses the boardwalk, a peaceful walkway along the Atlantic Ocean. The area also contains parks, ballparks, and amusement parks, and notably an aquarium. My personal experiences have brought me to believe that, today, these descriptions are reversed.

According to what I saw, Coney Island is a peaceful place to go; whereas, the High Line is a place where one gets lost in an enormous crowd of people, and peace is the last thing one can find. I found that when I was at Coney Island, most of my time was spent on the Boardwalk. I went on a Saturday afternoon, and I found the Boardwalk to be a very peaceful, relaxing place to be.

I was intrigued by the old parachute jump outside of MCU Park, due to its immense size and finding that it was composed of symmetric and repeated geometric shapes.

I feel that it is like the Eiffel Tower of Brooklyn. I found that while I was on the High Line, most of my time was spent shielding myself from other people and tourists around me. The High Line was anything but peaceful. It was jam-packed with people, trendy and rude locals and tourists alike. I felt like I was playing touch football, I would get slammed into from the left and as I was flying right, I would get slammed into from behind.

It was so full of people that I could barely walk unencumbered. I do feel, however, that the High Line would be a potentially calm place to be, less the immense crowd.

Perhaps my off-season visits gave me a wrong impression of the sites. Reading articles and seeing pictures of the High Line, people expect it to be an empty, peaceful place. Maybe the High Line is different on a Saturday afternoon than at other times.

Likewise, people expect Coney Island to be a jam-packed, boisterous place, with crowded beaches and the hugely popular Mermaid Parade. But in late September, it is a calm, fun place to be, with thinning crowds. I hope to one day return to the High Line to find that empty, peaceful place, and to go to Coney Island during the peak of Summer and be greeted by a large, rambunctious, but fun crowd of Brooklynites. If you want to add yourself as a user, please log in , using your existing Macaulay Eportfolio account.

Currently viewing the category: View from High Line, of Hudson River. Alleyway in Coney Island with various carnival games. View from the High Line amphitheater.

Here are some things I learned and noticed on my visits to these sites. This architectural genius attracts thousands of people every day to the High Line. The 14 th street entrance was in sight.

Works Cited Gopnik, Adam. Pretty soon they will become the largest Hispanic group in New York. Chinese are the largest Asian immigrant groups in New York.

They have immigrated to New York due to large population in China. Many also have immigrated due to the Communistic government in China. Another factor for them coming here is the freedom. With strict laws such as the One Child Law of China many have fled the country. They own many businesses, such as discount stores, flower shops, and Restaurants. They are very famous for their shops along Canal Street also known as China Town. New York is a large city were people come in search of a better life.

Almost everyone is pretty accepting of the differences in culture and the diversity. But New York has many social problems. Due to the large size of the city lots of these problems are not made a big deal of, but they are problems we New Yorkers have to face. Problems such as poverty, crime, drugs, and racial discrimination are faced by many New Yorkers. There is a lot of competition in New York due to the large population, which is the main cause for social problems.

New York is a place of many people with many different diverse backgrounds. This is what makes it so unique and different from all other places in the world. It is a land of immigrants living together as one in a community.

A place were everyone is free to be themselves. New York also has one of the best economies in the world. This is due to the input that immigrants give to the economy.

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